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How it Works? 

In order to become an "FREE AFFILIATE" all you have to do is sign up with the link we provided above where it says "Join Our Affiliate Program". The Link will take you instantly to your new Affiliate Dashboard were you can begin promoting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… THAT’S IT YOUR ALL SET!!  

Once you have signed up for your free account you will be assigned your own unique Affiliate I.D. You then can start adding Pyramid Links from the “SUB-ID SECTION” or you can just add a link for the whole website. No matter what as long as you add links to your WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TEXT, EMAIL etc.. from your Unique Affiliate I.D. you will earn a commission or commissions instantly!  


*Please email us or call if you have any questions! 

How and When are you Paid? 

We process all our Payments through Paypal. So please visit to sign up for a free account. All "Affiliate Members" are paid once “INSTANTLY”!!

How will you know you made a sale? 

Once you sign up with our Affiliate program you will receive an Email instantly once your Make a Sale!! How cool is that!! Also you can keep track of all yours sales in your personal affiliate dash board!

How Do I promote and Sell the Pyramids? 

Well... once you sign up you will be instantly sent to your “NEW AFFILIATE DASHBOARD” with you will be given a Unique Affiliate I.D. Next click on “SUB-IDS/CHANNELS” to choose which Products or Pyramids you will like to promote and sell. Once you add the Link and or Links to your Website, Email, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Text, etc… everytime someone comes to our website through your "AFFILIATE LINK" and they place an order or orders "YOU GET PAID INSTANTLY" Just that simple. *PLEASE NOTE: There is no limit to "HOW MUCH YOU CAN EARN" ... $5 or $5,000.00 it's all up to you! WE DO NOT PLACE ANY LIMITS on our Affiliate Members Earning Potential! SO HAVE FUN, and ... EARN, EARN, EARN! 

For all "AFFILIATE TOOLS" please visit this link: Here you will product specific links and banners to place on your Website or Email Campaigns etc...! 

Are there any restrictions for Promoting the Pyramids? 

Yes! We do have a one thing we do not allow! Please do not SPAM through EMAIL or any Social Media outlets. 

Can we use Social Media? 

Oh Yes, PLEASE! You are allow to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc... or any other Online Outlet, you are also allowed to promote offline to drive traffic to your website! 


If you have any questions about the "Affiliate Program" just fill out the form below, or just call us! 

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