Greetings all "Affiliate Members" welcome to the family! You are probally wondering now that I have joined the "Affiliate Program", now what? Watch the video below as it is a step by step guide to getting started, and up and running.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at: or call: (678)347-9747

We still working on banners for your websites and email campaigns. Until we upload them you have our permission to "COPY and PASTE" information pertaining to the Pyramids we currently have for sale through our Affiliate program! You are also allowed to download the images of each Pyramid you wish to Promote and SALE!

Below You will find "Promotional" Flyers. Feel free to download these Flyers as well and Use them as Promotions. Just Click on each image and then right click to save. 

Here is a list of Pyramids we currently have for sale through our "AFFILIATE PROGRAM"! 


  • Wealth Pyramid

  • Love Pyramid

  • Third Eye Pyramid

  • Mental Stability Pyramid 

  • Kundalini Pyramid

  • Supreme Protection Pyramid

  • Inner Power Pyramid

  • Self Expression Pyramid

  • Feminine Pyramid (Mystic Moon)

  • Rough Diamond Pyramid


  • Wealth Pyramid 

  • Protection Pyramid


If you have any questions just fill out the form below and we will answer your questions via Email or Call! 

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